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Toph & Hama discovering a high level of bending technique while being trapped.

Metalbending: Toph discovered metalbending when she was captured by Xin Fu and Master Yu. Her seismic sense allowed her to sense the earth in the metal and be able to bend it. All Toph felt was pressure and pain inside that tiny metal cell.

Bloodbending: Hama was captured from her home, she was trapped in a metal cell. The guards were careful on not letting any drop of water to the waterbenders, they would even bind their hands when they need to drink. Hama realized every time that where there is life, there is water. She used the rats during the full moon and practiced this for many years, until she was ready for the men.

Both also freed themselves using their discovered bending technique.  

Requested by dontpreach

Sounds like Korra will do the same while being trapped but with airbending


I’m calling it now, it’s sound.

If the room is platinum, the only thing that really passes through high density metal is sound waves- the vibrations can get really intense. Sound-bending could totally get her out of that cage.

I’m calling it now. Let’s see what happens.

^I’d love for this to happen so bad, but considering that the closest thing Korra can do to airbending is breathe and that both Toph and Hama were master-level benders, I don’t think Korra’ll be soundbending anytime soon, unless Aang takes over her body for a few moments and does it for her.